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Laser Industrial Cleaning, Inc. was founded in 1979

Refining Industry

Having been in business for over 30 years, we have sought to be professionals in the refining industry.


We have a vast and experienced knowledge of Industrial Cleaning with Hydro Blasting, Hydro Excavation, Air Movers, and more.


We  strive for excellence in all our fields of expertise.

Hydro Blasting is one of our specialties at Laser Industrial Services and with the acquisition of new equipment, we can continue to cut down time and increase efficiency with the NLB Corp.-built ATL 5000 Tube cleaner and SSC 9200 Shellside cleaner. The ATL 5000 is a bundle (heat exchanger application) cleaning system which is controlled by a single operator in the comforts of a climate-controlled operator station. From the operator station, the operator controls the up, down, left and right movements of the lance bed, as well as the in and out movements of the rigid lances. Our ATL 5000 is coupled with a bundle roll control package, which then allows us to use the SSC 9220 Shellside cleaner for the cleaning of the outside of the bundle. The SSC 9200 Shellside cleaner features a hydraulically operated crane, outfitted with a rotating cleaning head, that is easily positioned over the bundle. Both equipment utilizes our 10605 Water Pump that can output water pressure from 4,000 psi to 20,000 psi.

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Hydro Blasting offers a host of applications in the Mining, Refinery, Marine, Construction, etc. Industry. Our hydro blaster is situated on a trailer unit...



Our Guzzler Truck is one of our most versatile vehicle, as it can be used for liquid clean-up described above, as well as moving heavy solids.